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7 Meditation Benefits for FIRE

Making the decision to to spend less and save more requires a long-term commitment to changing habits and shifting perspective. One technique I like is practicing meditation to train my attention. This exercise can be particularly beneficial when pursuing financial independence (FI) and/or planning to retire early (RE). Here are 7 ways that meditation can be beneficial to the FIRE… Read more →

Taxes, Frugality and Investments

In the world of FIRE, it becomes easy to see how all things financial (decisions, transactions, etc.) are interrelated. When I was working on our tax returns for 2016, I could see easily that “bad” news from TurboTax meant that there was good news with investment results. And we would not have the investment results that we do without Captain… Read more →

Sh*t You Don’t Need (and some stuff you might)

Mrs. G and I were walking through the mall last week and, not being shoppers, were astounded by the sheer volume of completely worthless stuff, or should I say sh*t out there. If you’re frugal and you value Financial Independence, what you see below will horrify you. I call it sh*t because most of it is completely nonessential and designed… Read more →

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