Where Are The Grumbys?

As we are shifting our primary tribal alliance from Personal Finance to Cycle Touring, most of our blog appearances starting in June 2018 will be over at CycleBlaze. Don’t worry! We are not abandoning Grumbys on the Move. We just want to be sure that what we say here is true to the GotM brand.


What is the Grumbys on the Move Brand?

Grumbys on the Move is a Brand

Grumbys on the Move is a collection of our occasional deep thoughts about early retirement, downsizing, and car-free living. The primary focus of the blog is personal finance, with forays into bicycle touring. As we settle into our life on the road our main concern will be the nitty gritty of travel on two wheels. CycleBlaze will be a better fit for the words that make it from our brains to the keyboard after a long day of riding.









What Is CycleBlaze?


From the CycleBlaze website, “CycleBlaze is a place to read journals about traveling by bicycle”. When we start pedaling at the end of May, we will dedicate our online time to recording travel experiences. CycleBlaze is a great place to share our travel journals and to learn from others who are also pedaling around the world.

Our first journal, which already has a witty and clever Prologue by Mr. Grumby, is called Undaunted Porridge. The journal will follow our pedal strokes from Kansas City, MO to Astoria, OR.




Grumbys on Facebook

Grumbys Across America is our new FaceBook page.  Mr. G. will post notifications there about when the CycleBlaze journal is updated.


The Beauty of Cross-Pollination

One of the great wonders of social media is cross-pollination. Maybe, through the two passions of the Grumbys, a few cycling tourists will become interested in the art of expense tracking? Or maybe some of our friends in the personal finance sphere will decide to dust off the old 10-speed and go for a spin?


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